Memorial Day is almost here, which means that summer has "officially" started. Sure, you can get hyped to head to the beach, lay out by the pool, or hit the lake with friends--but then what? It's hot as all get out, and that's what makes summer a trash season. Here are 36 reasons why summer is literally the worst.

  1. It's 120 degrees outside with 99% humidity on the regular, which makes walking outside feel like you're on death row but the A/C isn't working so you just sweat and die
  2. There are bees
  3. Also wasps
  4. Oh, and hornets
  5. Sunburn
  6. You need to sell a kidney to pay your electric bill
  7. The kids are home from school, and that's cool for like a week until they're telling you how BORED they are 56 times a day
  8. Chub rub
  9. Underboob sweat
  10. No good shows on TV
  11. Mosquitoes
  12. Snakes
  13. Price increases at amusement parks
  14. People at amusement parks
  15. People who don't wear deodorant smell 50x worse
  16. Bees
  17. Wasps
  18. Hornets
  19. Wasps
  20. Wasps
  21. Yellowjackets
  22. Hornets
  23. Hornets
  24. Basically everything with wings and six legs
  25. Jellyfish stings at the beach
  26. Craving Summer Snow and getting there and the line is like 6217469764362 people deep but your lunch break is only an hour so you can't get Summer Snow and you come back to work with runny mascara and HEY MAYBE I JUST WANTED THIS ONE THING QUIT JUDGING ME JANIS
  27. Humidity that ruins your hair
  28. Humidity that ruins your makeup
  30. That one dude in the office who's always all, "Is it hot enough for ya?"
  31. Walking outside for five minutes and being covered in sweat
  32. Trying to shop at Publix and walking across the parking lot but it's 100 degrees and the asphalt is basically HOT LAVA
  33. Being stuck at work and having to scroll through everyone else's vacation pics while you're trying to keep it together during your third double shift THIS WEEK
  34. Going through an epic poem to get the fam ready to hit the pool only to be greeted by a popup thunderstorm the minute you arrive
  36. All of it

Summer is trash, y'all.

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