Give yourself a pat on the back. We made it through a pretty rough year in 2020 and now a new year is here.

2021 is a year many are looking forward to and by the sounds of it, it could be a pretty interesting one, at least according to a famous psychic. A famous psychic named Psychic Nikki makes hundreds of predictions at the start of each new year and I always like to read up on them just for fun.

After a year like 2020, I was even more interested in reading these predictions than ever before. Even if you don't believe in psychics - or if you do - this list is a fun read all around. I chose fifteen of the most random predictions Psychic Nikki made for the year ahead.

It should be noted that I only chose fun and uplifting predictions for the most part. Check them out below:

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By the way - if you missed Psychic Nikki's predictions for 2020, you can check those out here. Some of them even made it onto the list for this year, too!

15 Random Predictions For 2021 As Made By A Famous Psychic

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