meg summers

I Challenge You to Watch This With a Straight Face
You can't watch this viral video without laughing... you just can't. I saw it on a friend's Facebook page and have watched it, like, seventeen times already. For the record, I only lasted 20 seconds before dying of laughter. I challenge you to break my record!
Auburn Fans Say Farewell to Toomer’s Oaks
Auburn University recently announced fans will have one final chance to roll the Oaks at Toomer's Corner following the football team's annual spring practice game on April 20th. Fans also have a chance to share their memories as they bid farewell to one of the University's oldest…
The Cutest Lie Ever [VIDEO]
Mondays, amirite? What is it about the first day back at work after the weekend that makes me feel so... BLAH? If you're like me and could use a little LOL in your Monday, check out this video of an adorable three-year-old caught red-handed after sneaking some candy into his diet.

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