It's the tradition I can't shake, people hating on what I bring to the table, like our staff 'pot luck' Independence Day lunch today. But why?

This whole thing may stem to the reputation built on bringing the least desirable and most outrageous stuff to company functions. I've brought 'Dirty Santa' gifts wrapped in nasty garland and the present be a cheese ball 'redneck survival kit.' There was one year where way too much effort was spent on a collection of inside office joke gifts in giant box. Unfortunately, the person who picked this gift didn't read the joke notes and failed to find the humor. What a bust!

Back to the food, one time I brought greens beans and didn't have a serving tray. There was this beer labeled oyster tray sitting the sink, PERFECT! One co-worker didn't find this amusing, as she complained that I was making a nice get together 'trashy.' Everyone thought this was an attempt to be funny. It really wasn't at the time, looking back it is!

Okay, got it. More conventional choices. Cookies. You can't go wrong. Nope, the comments like, "oh it's store brought cookies. Oh you must have stayed up all night baking those." Yuck, yuck.

Then, today an apple pie. How American can you get, and who doesn't like pie? I should know better, the whole "you must have stayed up all night baking this" comments would kick in. There was another comment along the lines of nobody will even open that box. Got it. Just wait until next time, I'll bake. Say, a brownie mix with my own special ingredients, like HOT SAUCE AND ANCHOVIES JUICE! Take a bite of that! Let's see who is laughing now.

In the meantime, I'll take my pie home and to you I say, Happy 4th of July!