Alabama football is fast approaching here in Tuscaloosa, and with that in mind, we all look forward stepping back into Bryant-Denny Stadium to watch the Tide.

But with that comes and even bigger choice. What are going to eat during the game?

We all get hungry, and sometimes, the same choice isn't always going to work every game if you're a season ticket holder. So what would new food option would you want to see in Bryant-Denny if you had the choice?

In no particular order, here are some suggestions for the menu:

I recently just discovered this restaurant on 15th Street. The burgers have been great every time I went and the cheese fries are fantastic. And let's be honest, we could always use some cheese fries in Bryant-Denny.

This one may be a little odd, but it would definitely be different and spice up the food selection. Plus, it'd be a win-win if you like pasta and football! (Like me!)

This one makes the most sense to me. The Chipotle in Midtown Village is always packed and I can only imagine how much having one in Bryant-Denny would do a ton of business.

Not only does the name make sense football-wise, it's also perfect because we're in the south! Who wouldn't love a good biscuit on a gameday in Tuscaloosa?

Chicken fingers are a classic gameday food, so why not have Gutherie's join the food line-up?

Those are my suggestions, but what do you think would work food-wise in Bryant-Denny? Let us know!

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