Comedian and Grandpa Metal vocalist Brian Posehn is poking fun at metal’s silliest stuff once again. We invited the “Metal By Numbers” comic to Loudwire Studios and dared him to watch the dumbest metal videos on YouTube, filming his flabbergasted reactions.

One video we played for Posehn is the one that turned Vince Neil into a living meme. The Motley Crue singer’s less-than-stellar performance of “Dr. Feelgood” at Rock in Rio 2015 has been decimated online by commenters, so we gave Posehn the chance to offer his own opinions on the clip.

“He’s not even trying!” Posehn hilariously points out. “He’s full of dough. It seriously sounds like that Eddie Murphy character when he would do the guy from Little Rascals — Buckwheat. I wish they panned to the audience to people going, ‘What? We know this song and we still don’t know what you’re saying.’ Nikki Sixx is like, ‘I hate you, Vince. Learn the lyrics to a 35-year-old song.’”

Posehn’s “favorite” clip was “In the Blood of a Thousand Virgins Rises Chevy Chase” by Detsorgsekalf. Brian’s brain was burst by a computer playing drums, the band killing their friend in the woods and a heavy-set gentleman playing air guitar on a sword. “I wanna be a bored kid in the 2020s making videos in my friends’ field. Looks kickass,” Posehn says. “That’s the thing; when people make a band, like, ‘I’m going to get my friends together…’ Most of your friends suck and your band’s gonna be shitty.”

Brian Posehn’s Grandpa Metal album is out now, featuring guest appearances by Anthrax’s Scott Ian, Dethklok’s Brendon Small, Weird Al Yankovic and more. To grab the album, click here.

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