Earlier today, I went fishing on the lake not too far from my house, when I heard a strange buzzing off in the distance. At first I thought it might be an airplane. But when I looked up, it wasn't an airplane. My second guess was a helicopter, (it's not unusual for Police to fly overhead, as there always seems to be somebody trying to allude to law these days in T-Town). But then, as I observed it closer, it clearly wasn't a helicopter. I came to the conclusion that it was probably somebody flying a drone over the lake. But then again, I wasn't close enough to be ABSOLUTELY sure. Then I asked myself, "What If What I Saw Was A UFO?"

Now maybe you're saying to yourself, "That's CRAZY! There aren't any UFO's in Tuscaloosa!" I kind of thought the same thing, UNTIL I did a search and found THIS on YouTube. Video footage of a UFO spotted over Tuscaloosa! Check THIS out!

Obviously, some folks might be skeptical at the above footage. However, the UFO's in that video look EERILY similar to the UFO's in this infamous footage, that was shot back in 1979 during an NFL game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Scroll about :55 into the video, and 2:18 into the video, to see the UFO's for yourself! Even the Television Commentators have no idea what they're looking at here....


In addition, in an article written by AL.com, they ranked The Top 10 Alabama Cities with UFO sightings. You can read the entire article HERE

Here Are The Top 10:

1. Huntsville - 60

2. Birmingham - 50

3. Madison - 38

4. Gulf Shores/Orange Beach area - 36

5. Mobile/Dauphin Island - 29

6. Montgomery - 25

7. Phenix City - 15

8. Hoover - 13

9. Cullman - 10


Tuscaloosa isn't on the list. However, with Birmingham at #2 with 50 reported UFO sightings ,and Hoover at #8 with a 13 reported UFO sightings, and both cities being so nearby, who says that a few of those UFO's haven't flown southwest for a few miles, just to take a peek at Tuscaloosa?

So, what did I really see on the lake? Was it a Drone?!  Possibly. But with what I've discovered this afternoon after doing some research, I'm not so sure.....:-)

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