Tyler Childers' new "Country Squire" music video turns the song's story into a short claymation vignette. The animated versions of the singer-songwriter and his wife, fellow artist Senora May, star in the clip, which readers can watch above.

The "Country Squire" video's storyline faithfully and vividly follows Childers' lyrics, often to hilarious effect. As Childers and May fix up their little pull-behind trailer, Childers' career grows bit by bit -- much to the surprise of the man who sold him the broken-down mobile home.

Directed by Colonel Tony Moore and produced by Nicholas Robespierre and Mark Roemer, Childers' "Country Squire" music video also imagines his future: a big family in a little cabin, and an enjoyable retirement with May ... in space, apparently.

Eagle-eyed Childers fans will notice plenty of small details within the video, too: a photo of John Prine on the wall of the couple's cabin, for example. Animated Childers' guitar case, meanwhile, is covered in stickers from Kelsey Waldon and more.

"Country Squire" is the title track of Childers' newest album, released in August of 2019. Part love song and part daydream, it's ripped straight from Childers' life: After getting married and living with his parents to save up some money, the singer and May bought a used camper that its previous owners had named "Country Squire."

The rest of the story is in the song's lyrics: Childers worked multiple jobs and gigged in bars, "turnin' them songs into two-by-fours / Dreamin' 'bout the day that I'm sittin' by the fire / Huddled with my honey in a country squire." At once, he both romanticizes the situation and lays bare its wholly unglamorous details.

Childers was supposed to be spending his 2020 on tour with Sturgill Simpson, for the A Good Look'n Tour. Instead, he's off the road due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

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