Welcome back to Paradise Presses Play. It's always interesting when a game series goes away. For various reasons, such as not enough sales, some series go away. While yes it fits in with the ebb and flow of life in gaming, it still leaves wondering us why. One series that I unfortunately got into late was EA Sports Baseball games. I remember playing MVP Baseball 05 when I was younger, but this week's game is one I completely forgot about. But that's why we do this column, to bring light to forgotten games.

This week's selection is none other than MVP 07 NCAA Baseball!

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It's weird how in the era of sports games, this one never really caught my eye. Due to EA losing the ability to make professional baseball games, they turned their attention to another form of baseball, the collegiate world of the diamond. With multiple conferences with all teams included, it was certainly a huge moment for those looking for a game to simulate to college baseball experience.

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Much like the NCAA Football games EA used to make, there is a dynasty mode for those looking to guide their team to Omaha. Recruiting is also a huge part of the experience, with the added caveat that even in a college baseball game, the pros could come in and take away a potential recruit. So not only are taking on a conference, you are taking on the pros as well to get players to your school.

Photo courtesy of ign.com

You can also take on your friends in local multiplayer. Hopefully with the return of EA Sports College Football, maybe baseball can return as well?

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