Who had "the most and the strongest" hurricanes on their 2020 bingo card? One of the latest forecast models suggests this year's hurricane season could be the second most active on record. 

According to The Weather Channel, Colorado State University revealed its forecast for the 2020 hurricane season, projecting a staggering 24 named storms. CSU's forecast also says 12 of those named storms could become hurricanes--and 5 of those hurricanes could become a Category 3 or higher.

There have already been nine named storms this year, and CSU's forecast suggests that there would be so many named storms that we'd run out of names on the 2020 list. If that happens, named storms would "go Greek" and be named after letters of the Greek alphabet.

The last time that happened? 2005.

Colorado State University's forecast is on the extreme end of the spectrum, as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association suggests this hurricane season would only see 13-19 named storm--but it is worth noting that NOAA forecasts 6-10 hurricanes in 2020 with 3-6 of those becoming storms ranked Category 3 or higher.

I have to admit that I am still high key freaked out by this, as I have seen what kind of damage hurricanes can do to places I love. I still have memories of helping relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina and never want to see that kind of devastation again.

Will 2020 ever stop? I mean, dang: we have a pandemic, murder hornets, aluminum and coin shortages... I don't know who is playing Jumanji but y'all need to hurry up and finish the game.

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