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Watch Video of Bald Dog’s Slick Dancing Moves
I bet there is no way you will not smile and laugh when you watch this viral video clip of a bald dog. This pup is ready to impress with some seriously smooth dance moves. It's not just the bouncing around. Oh no. There are big time dips to go with it!
Perfect Polly: ‘The Joy of Having a Bird without the Work’
Yesterday, I saw a commercial selling a fake plastic bird as the perfect pet. When you walk in the room, this fake bird looks at you and sings. What?? Selling point, the joy of having a bird without the work. Really?? I kept waiting for it to be some kind of joke set-up for Old Spice, Geico, somebody...
Disabled Dog Greets Returning Soldier
There must be ninjas cutting onions in the room because my eyes are watering like crazy. Emma the pitbull mix suffers from a congenital vertebrae anomaly called hemivertebrae as well a neurological condition similar to Cerebral Palsy. Her owners are trying to raise money to purchase a doggie wheel-chair so until then, Emma's world is pretty small...