Greg Byrne

Alabama Football Leads March Against Social Injustice
There was no football practice Monday for the Alabama Crimson Tide. Instead, its players and coaches participated in a march protesting the social injustices that have ignited outrage again throughout the country. From Breonna Taylor, to George Floyd to Jacob Blake, we have all seen and heard about the instances of violence at the hands of police that have sparked social unrest in the country.
Bama Gymnast Alleges Racial Injustice
Racial injustice is in the forefront of the news cycle amid the recent death's of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery. Amid the protests of racial injustice, many minorities have been sharing personal accounts of racism they have experienced. One former Crimson Tide Gymnast, Tia Kiaku, tells a story of her experience as a member of the Alabama gymnastics team.
Greg Byrne Joined Inside The Locker Room
The Alabama Athletic Director, Greg Byrne, joined Wimp and Barry Sanderson on Inside The Locker Room this morning. It has been a wild week in college athletics that has seen a lot of changes and cancellations occur throughout college sports. Byrne broke down a lot of the decision-making moments over the past week for our audience.