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Pac-12 Cancels 2020 Football Season
Mere hours after the Big 10 made the announcement to cancel its 2020 fall season, the Pac-12 followed suit. According to Brett McMurphy of, the Pac-12 will make its announcement at 3:30 central time.
Governor Ivey: "Football Is A Source Of Pride For Our State"
The 2020 college football season is hanging in the balance amid the coronavirus pandemic. The Big 10 has already cancelled its fall season and the Pac-12 is expected to be following suit with the same decision later today. College players, coaches and even politicians have spoken out about the need…
Saban Makes The Case For Football
In a conversation with Chris Low of ESPN, Nick Saban made the case to have a 2020 football season. Saban said that the players would be safer on campus, he said his players wouldn't contract the virus on the football field and that he wants the season to happen so his players can create value f…
Alabama Players Speak Up: #WeWantToPlay
The college football season is currently hanging by a thread after the Mid-American Conference became the first FBS level conference to cancel its fall football season. The Big 10 has reportedly already voted to cancel its season as well, although those reports have been disputed. Several marquee na…
The Big 10 Has Cancelled its 2020 Season
According to Dan Patrick and the Detroit Free Press, the Big 10 has voted to cancel its 2020 football season. The conference voted 12-2 to cancel this season, the only dissenting universities who voted to play were Iowa and Nebraska.
Nick Saban Gets His Scheduling Wish
As usual, Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban gets his wish. Saban has been clamoring for years for the SEC to increase its conference games from eight to nine. This past year he even made the case the conference should go to 10 games. While the longest tenured coach in the SEC has long been asking for mo…
Football's Doomsday Clock, Two Minutes to Midnight
The 2020 football season rapidly approaches, and with Michigan State's entire football team entering quarantine over the weekend, a bevy of NFL players choosing to opt-out of the 2020 football season and three of the Power 5 conferences still unsure of the logistics of the season, football&apos…
What will The Alabama Football Season Look Like This Fall?
How will the SEC and Big 12 respond to the decisions of the other conferences? Will SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey opt to follow suit and play only conference matchups? Should the conferences try to play its group of five and FCS opponents to ensure those schools are able to make their budget?

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