A new study about sleep habits may keep you awake at night.

The National Sleep Foundation polled 1,500 people from six countries – the US, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Mexico and Japan – to get insight into how much shut-eye they get.

People in Japan get the least sleep, clocking in at six hours, 22 minutes a night. The US was next at six hours, 31 minutes. Mexico got the most, with seven hours, three minutes. During the work week, a good chunk of Americans really seem to burn the midnight oil – 21% get less than six hours of sleep.

Because we tend to curl up under the covers less when we have to get up for work, sleeping in whenever possible is a popular pastime around the world, with people claiming to snooze an average of 45 minutes more during the weekend.

It’s no wonder, too. In the US alone, only 44% say they get a good night’s sleep during the work week.

The most common pre-bedtime activity is watching TV. Eighty percent of respondents admit to turning on the boob tube before hitting the sack.

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