We're gearing up for 'The Third Saturday in October,' and what's on today's Hate Week agenda? Reliving one of the most iconic moments of Alabama Football under Head Coach Nick Saban. Y'all remember "Rocky Block?"

It was Lane Kiffin's first trip to Tuscaloosa as the Vols Head Coach. Dude pulled all kinds of shenanigans in a desperate attempt to knock off the undefeated Crimson Tide. The final seconds of the game were an emotional rollercoaster for fans--the score was 12-10, and Tennessee had the ball. They were in field goal range, and a successful kick would win the game.

Nick Saban iced Tennessee kicker Daniel Lincoln until no timeouts remained. It was up to the Tide to block the field goal, and that they did. Terrence Cody and the Special Teams Unit lined up in the "Max Block" formation, and in what would become one of the most iconic moments in Bama Football history (and a Daniel Moore painting), Terrence Cody blocked it LIKE A BOSS.

The videos below were taken from inside Bryant-Denny the evening of October 24, 2009. The second Rocky Block went down, things got CRAZY. The energy in the stadium was nothing short of electric.

The Crimson Tide went on to win the NCS National Championship Game that year, finishing with a perfect 14-0. Roll Tide!

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