Everyone who knows me knows that I KEEP my eye on real estate.  I am into proposed developments, what makes since to bring into an area, what was recently sold, and what's now for sale.  Today, I was made aware of a property that is available, which would be ideal for a number of businesses.

The building on Skyland where Handy TV and Appliance was for a number of years is now open.  I took a minute to peek inside, and I saw how the building was partitioned.  It would be suitable for a number of different types of businesses including the following:

  • Hair salon
  • Daycare
  • Real estate office
  • Travel agency
  • Consignment shop

I'm not sure about the actual condition of the building, such as if there are any structural issues or how much work would have to go into it to develop it as a restaurant.  However, the possibilities are practically endless!

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