Remember when Pete Wentz and Kim Kardashian smooched in the "Thnks Fr Th Mmrs" Fall Out Boy music video?

On Friday (April 16), in an episode of Wentz's Apple Music podcast, Loud and Sad, the Fall Out Boy bass player and songwriter spoke about the band's 2007 music video, which starred Kardashian.

At the time, Kardashian was not yet a household name and was just beginning to gain traction in Hollywood thanks to her famous friends and many red carpet and club appearances. Though she's a massive global star today, in 2007, Fall Out Boy was much more famous than the reality TV star-turned-beauty and fashion mogul.

“I remember we had Kim Kardashian in the video for this song,” Wentz recalled. "And it's just so interesting when you look back on that moment, you're like, 'This is like the last moment Fall Out Boy interacted in public with Kim Kardashian where we had the same amount of fame as her.’ It’s funny when you look back at this stuff. Thanks for the memories, Kim.”

"I’m a fan of Fall Out Boy and I agreed to do it, and it was so much fun working with them," Kardashian told News Times in 2009. "I think music videos kind of all show the same thing. They kind of want a hot girl and cool cars. This one was totally different."

In 2017, on the tenth anniversary of the video's release, Kardashian posted a clip of the video on her Snapchat. "My debut you guys, ten years later," she said in the clip.

Relive the nostalgic moment, below.

The music video has amassed over 154 million views since being uploaded to YouTube. "Thnks Fr Th Mmrs" is off the band's third full-length record, Infinity on High.

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