Happy Mother's Day!  As everyone shares mom photos on social media, I came across a few of my favorites that made me smile and laugh.

There are so many words that describe a great mother.  A few of which come to mind are unselfish, giving, caring, supporting, insightful, and loving.

All those years growing up, my mom was always there for me through the good times and the bad. She's a best friend, someone I can talk to about anything, and someone who is so much fun to spend time with.

We may not live in the same town, but at least I'm still within a day's drive to visit.

Last summer, while walking back from the beach, we came across this elaborate sandcastle. It was the perfect opportunity to joke that it was our creation.

Greg Thomas and his mom building a sand castle

Oh, then there is the time me and my sisters formed a team with my mom at a charity golf tournament. My mom has never played a game of golf in her life.  Well, none of us are seasoned pros.  That didn't matter, as we shared a day of laughs.

Greg Thomas, his mom, and sisters a charity golf tourney

Actually, I have video showing my mom swinging the club the wrong way. She blames it on being a lefty, when we gave her a lefty set of clubs to play with. So funny.

When Dave & Busters opened in Panama City Beach, she was all for grabbing a bite to eat and play the games. You have to love that spirit of always ready to play.

Greg Thomas, his wife and mom at Dave and Busters

So many great memories to cherish. Happy Mother's Day!

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