The Polar Express is about to be knocked off course: Kelly Clarkson's gearing up to release her second children's book, and the Wrapped in Red singer is tackling a familiar subject: Christmas.

Clarkson announced in a mock-press conference last night (June 28) that she's following up her debut children's book, River Rose and The Magical Lullaby, with River Rose and the Magical Christmas (both feature her daughter, River Rose, as a fictional protagonist). So why dive back into the holiday spirit just a few years after the release of her own X-mas album? Simple: she and her family just really love the holidays, bro!

"[River] loves Christmas, she's at such a fun age," Kelly says above. "She's three — it's a fun time for kids and she just gets so excited about it and I thought it would be a fun book for her to get to read."

The book follows River, who decides to stay up all night on Christmas Eve to personally deliver a letter to Santa. Clarkson said she'll also release a new Christmas tune called "Christmas Eve" in conjunction with the book's release.

"I did it from the perspective of the elves because they're celebrating Christmas Eve and the whole year...finally, Santa's going out, it's their celebration song," she said.

River Rose and the Magical Christmas will be available on October 24.

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