Look out, Jordin Sparks -- Kelly Ripa might be moving in on your man!

Just kidding, but the 'Live With Kelly and Michael' host clearly loved Jason Derulo's performance of new single 'Marry Me' on her show this morning (Sept. 24).

After Jason's intense, energetic rendering of the ultra-romantic track -- during which he busted out smooth dance moves and ended up on bended knee, and even flat on his back at one point -- Ripa rushed over to give him a hug, saying, "That was incredible! I love watching you and listening to you."

Kelly even admitted that she was going to accept his musical proposal. "I would have said yes, I almost said yes and they stopped me," she joked with Jason as he laughed.

Girlfriend Jordin is a huge fan of the song, too. Jason says she constantly confirmed that it hadn't been cut from the track list of 'Tattoos,' out today. He employed different voices as he recalled their conversations: "Every week after week, she was like, 'Is "Marry Me" still on the album?' 'Yes, baby.' 'Is "Marry Me" still on the album?' 'Yes, baby, it's still on the album.'"

Ripa and co-host Michael Strahan pressed Jason, who was also shown singing a portion of 'The Other Side' as the broadcast came to a close, as to whether or not an engagement to Sparks was imminent. "[The song is] basically saying that when I finally do get down on one knee it's going to be the greatest moment of my life," Jason says. "It's something that I'm looking forward to doing. I know it's going to change everything."

And with that proclamation, the rest of the mostly female audience fell in love with Derulo, too!

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