There's a headbanging, Slipknot-loving horse that's gone viral for her love for rock and metal, as well as her hilarious reaction to country music.

A Canadian Quarter Horse named Pretty has become a star on TikTok over the last few weeks after a woman named Autumn Purdy posted a few videos of her headbanging along to some heavy music. In the videos, she can be seen nodding along to the beat both in her stall and out in the pasture.

Pretty seems to be a fan of Rammstein, Shinedown, Disturbed, Motorhead, Drowning Pool and Rage Against the Machine, but Purdy told CNN that Slipknot is her favorite. Ultimately, the heavier the better — so Purdy tested out the horse's loyalty to metal by playing her a different genre.

One of Pretty's fans asked if she likes country, so Purdy played her a song by Morgan Wallen called "Last Night." Shockingly, Pretty turned around in her stall, seemingly disinterested in the calmer nature of the music. But, as Purdy started playing Pantera, Pretty came back to the front of the stall and got on with her headbanging.

"I looked to my barn manager and said, 'Do you see what she's doing?' We turn the music off [and] she stops," Purdy said.

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Check out the TikTok videos below, and be sure to follow Purdy's page, as she plans to continue posting Pretty's reactions and ratings to more songs going forward.

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According to a 2012 report by Live Science, an animal psychologist named Charles Snowdon found that animals' musical preferences are specific to their species, meaning that they enjoy music with pitches, tones and tempos that are most familiar to them.

As a racehorse, perhaps Pretty likes heavy music because it resembles the rhythm of galloping — but she may also just be really special.

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