She may make her name in the pop and alternative crossover world, but Billie Eilish has definitely become an ally for heavier music. After using her Instagram account to promote It Dies Today earlier this year, she's once again given a spotlight to another metalcore outfit, longtime Washington, D.C. vets Darkest Hour.

The shoutout occurred in Eilish's since expired Instagram Stories where she placed video of a recent photo opp moment at the Variety Hitmakers Brunch and soundtracked it with Darkest Hour's "DEMON(S)." The song comes from the band's fifth studio album, Deliver Us, and at the time of the album's release, "DEMON(S)," got an extra boost from its inclusion in the Guitar Hero 5 game.

Within the Instagram Story (screenshot captured by, Eilish is sporting a Los Angeles Dodgers jacket, funky glasses and a colorful star-designed beanie. She also shared more photos and video from that photo opp moment minus the Darkest Hour song backing on her regular Instagram account that can be seen below.

While there was no further commentary from Eilish on her usage of Darkest Hour's music, this is far from the first time she's pulled from the heavy music pool as a form of promotion.

The veteran rockers are currently nine albums into their career, with their tenth record, Perpetual I Terminal, due on Feb. 23.

billie eilish, darkest hour
Instagram: Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish's Frequent Rock Representation

Ever since the pop star arrived on the music radar, she's often shared her love for rock through a variety of avenues. As previously stated, earlier this year, she used an It Dies Today song to soundtrack one of her social media posts. She was also spotted side stage at Coachella earlier this year rocking out to Knocked Loose's set at the eclectic SoCal music festival.

She once sold a death metal-styled beanie, rocked a shirt that included Rob Zombie, Type O Negative and Cradle of Filth artwork and wore another shirt onstage that shouted out more underground metal acts such as Ghoul, Anti Cimex, The Last Resort and more. Plus, she used one of her biggest platforms, a performance at the Grammy Awards, to wear a T-shirt featuring Taylor Hawkins face as a sign of tribute shortly after the Foo Fighters musician had passed. Back in 2022, Dave Grohl returned the respect to Eilish by appearing with her at The Forum in Los Angeles to perform "My Hero."

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Eilish last released her Happier Than Ever album in 2021, but dropped her Guitar Songs EP in 2022 and issued the non-album single "Hotline" and her Barbie The Album soundtrack song "What Was I Made For" earlier this year.

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