A woman on Reddit was blasted by her family for stealing her stepsister's chosen baby name, which her sister wanted to honor her dead grandmother with.

The woman explained she and her husband decided to keep their baby's name a secret until she was born.

"My stepsister was also pregnant. We both had very similar names in mind. I liked Mary-Kay. My stepsister liked the name Mary-Grace. My stepsister did choose the name first, but our names weren’t identical. And she still insisted I didn’t use Mary-Kay," she wrote on Reddit.

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"We did anyways, and when I announced, my stepsister called us and had a cow. She said we disrespected her knowing she picked the name first and now she has to choose a new baby [name] at such short notice," she continued.

She reminded her stepsister that the names "aren't identical and there is no reason to change, but she just got upset and hung up."

Her stepmom also called her and slammed her for being "childish" by keeping the name a secret for so long.

"They are all very upset with us," she concluded her post.

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In the comments, users blasted the woman for choosing a name her stepsister had already claimed.

"You knew it was her chosen name and you said she was using the name to honor her late grandmother. She certainly doesn't own the name but if she'd made it known she had chosen the name for sentimental/family reason... then you were very sly. You kept your baby name a secret on purpose because you knew what you were doing was wrong," one person wrote.

"This is the point. [She] did this knowing it would be hurtful, and did it in secret to usurp her own cousin. It’s not about the choice of name, it’s about the sneaky way she did it that made it the most offensive. I hope her cousin goes right ahead and uses her name of choice," another chimed in.

"People who keep the names selected secret until the child is born, typically do so for fear of someone else using it. While the name you chose is not exactly the same as the one your stepsister told you she selected for her child, it is so damn close that it is nearly identical. While no one owns a name and you can name your baby anything you want, you are the reason people keep the chosen names secret," someone else commented.

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