A man on Reddit says he told his wife she has no right to his gambling winnings.

"I make $150K and my wife makes $50K. We are not super rich for the city we live in but we are able to lead a comfortable lifestyle well within our means. Since we don't have kids yet, we are able to spend more on ourselves and each of us gets $500 of 'fun money' every month to do with as we please," he wrote on Reddit.

While his wife uses her money to buy clothes and go out with her friends, his "hobbies are all over the place."

"I do something for a while but then get bored of it quickly so I stop. I need something that gives me a 'thrill' so that I get that rush of dopamine. So, I decided to pick up gambling. There's a casino about 20 minutes on foot from where we live so every Saturday I go there to gamble $100. I only take the $100 and leave my wallet at home so that I'm not tempted to spend any of our joint money in case I lose," he explained.

A few weeks ago, he "got lucky" and won $1,000. "I was obviously super delighted since I never won this much before in my life. I decided to buy a PS5 and a few games since I never owned a gaming console. When my wife found out I bought all this stuff, she asked me how I was able to spend so much since all of it cost around $700-800. I told her about my winnings. She got upset and said I should have given half of it to her," he wrote.

"I told her I got this money from my share of the 'fun money' so it's my choice to do what I want with it. She said only the original $500 is mine. The $1,000 is an income and should be shared between us. I disagreed because I don't claim 50 [percent] of her possessions when she goes out shopping. She called me selfish for only thinking about myself," he added.

His wife was upset and said that if he had shared his winnings, she could have gone on a vacation.

"I told her what I do with my money is my business and if she wants more spending money, she can figure out a side hustle instead of using me like an ATM. She complained about me to her friends and they're all calling me a financial abuser for 'stealing' what rightfully belongs to her," he concluded.

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Users had mixed reactions in the comments section.

"This is a terrible way for you both to behave in a marriage, do you even like each other? Why is she bi---ing to her friends about you and going on girls trips? Why did you win $1,000 and not even take your wife on a date or away for the weekend? Why does it matter who earns what for the context of this story?" one person wrote.

"Not his fault she has a lower paying job. He doesn't have to spend more on her than she does on him. If the situation was reversed she would likely be bi---ing that her man doesn't make enough and that she is the bread winner to all her cackling friends," another commented.

"Seems like you are in a marriage where there is 'her' money and 'our' money. Better get used to it," someone else chimed in.

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