Can you believe it's been NINE YEARS since YouTube was launched? I'm not going to talk about how old that makes me feel, but I am going to celebrate this occasion by sharing my favorite viral videos of all time!

Isn't it crazy how YouTube revolutionized the way we watch, well, EVERYTHING? I even have my own YouTube channel--it's great being able to share the moments I've recorded with friends and family around the world. My channel is like 89% videos of my baby (obvi). I have friends that tell me I should start doing beauty tutorials on YouTube, which is a great idea. Just find me the time, and I'll get right on it...

Anyway, this is about YouTube's birthday and my favorite viral videos of all time. Can we begin the countdown now?

10. David After Dentist

"IS THIS REAL LIFE?" I can't tell you how many times I throw that phrase into every day conversation. This video is super cute. Pretty much any video of anyone after surgery cracks me up.


9. Bed Intruder Song

HIDE YO KIDS; HIDE YO WIFE! I remember when this video started gaining popularity and watching it like seventeen times in a row in the B101.7 studio with two of my co-workers. We couldn't stop laughing. I haven't watched this in like three years, but it brings back some great memories. I wonder what Antoine Dodson is doing these days...


8. Babies Eating Lemons for The First Time

There's something special about a parent exploiting the trust of his/her child just for the sake of internet infamy. I know this is wrong, but those little pucker faces are just too cute. (And for the record: you can see my daughter's first taste of a lemon HERE.)


7. Alabama Fan Hates Tennessee

What would Tennessee Hate Week be without this video? Tennessee is a bunch of snitches and Neyland Stadium does look like a Garbage Truck Worker Convention. This iconic work of art was brave enough to say what we were all thinking and for that, I say thank you & Roll Tide.



He-Man + 4 Non Blondes = infinite entertainment potential.


5. Rainbow Bunchie aka Final Boss of the Internet

This was probably some weird 4chan thing that went viral. Don't know. Don't care. I am 30, and this still cracks me up.


4. Scamp the Westie Singing to Theme Music

This is basically perfect. JUST LOOK AT THAT WESTIE. He is singing. LOOK AT HIM. Angel. I can't. I can't. Too perfect. RIP, Scamp.


3. Giga Pudding

Giga Pudding is a Japanese dessert. I mean, really, that's all you need to know. It's roughly three million times cooler than any commercial I have seen. BONUS: My husband HATES this video, and I love trolling him with it. The song was my ringtone for a few weeks just to drive him crazy.


2. Flea Market Montgomery

"IT'S JUST LIKE A MINI-MALL." This is the OG of viral videos. I remember watching this one with friends my senior year of college. Dude was an innovator. And man, is it a catchy jam.


1. Pete Trolls Don with His Chip-N-Dip

I know you're probably thinking something is seriously wrong with me for ranking this #1, but whatever. I can't stop watching this. Mad Men is my favorite TV show ever, and this just makes me loose it. Bad day? I know the cure-- it's a chip-n-dip. CHIP-N-DIPS FOR EVERYONE!


BONUS FAVORITE: Dolly's First Trip to The Park

I don't have to explain this one. Seeing how happy my baby girl was on her first trip to the park is one of my favorite memories. Thanks to YouTube, I can relive it whenever I want. That's awesome.

What are your favorite viral videos? Share them in the comments section and join me in saying Happy Birthday to YouTube!

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