Man, the talent booker at the Roadhouse in Twin Peaks is certainly doing a bang up job. During the latest episode of David Lynch's Twin Peaks reboot, the Bang Bang Bar, otherwise known as The Roadhouse, played host to a special set from Edward Louis Severson.

That name may not ring any bells right off the bat, but after the camera pulled back from the silhouetted shadow on the curtain and the last of the opening acoustic guitar strumming gave way to a vocal, it was revealed that Severson was none other than Eddie Vedder, frontman for Pearl Jam who in real life was born with the given name presented on the show. Sporting a fedora and armed only with his guitar, the singer brought some atmosphere to the joint during a pin drop performance of "Out of Sand."

"Out of Sand" made its live debut last year when Vedder performed solo at the Ohana Festival in California. It's also been released as a limited single through Jack White's Third Man Records label. A live/studio version can be heard below.

Throughout the summer run of the revival, musical numbers have often filled each episode's final moments, but "Severson's" performance of "Out of Sand" proved to be a precursor to one of Lynch's mind-blowing twists that included a dance routine for Audrey Horne (Sherilyn Fenn).

Eddie Vedder, "Out of Sand"

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