Jackass legend Steve-O has been sober for over a decade, but during his hardest partying days, he was basically the worst tenant in the history of apartments. The final straw, which got him evicted from the building, was when Steve got death metal band Nihilist to play a gig at his place.

Steve described the impromptu concert in one of his newest YouTube videos, The Most Expensive Things I Destroyed. The MTV Wildboy was renting out four apartments in one building, and though he’d already been booted from a couple of those apartments, he still wasn’t banned from living in the building.

The Nihilist show was meant to celebrate Steve’s eviction from an apartment he’d turned into a skate park. “We had an eviction party with a fucking death metal band playing,” Steve-O recalls. “Can you believe that party got me kicked out of the whole building? You know you’re messing up when the building you’re renting four apartments from says, ‘Get the fuck out of all of them.’”

Steve-O included footage of the death metal eviction party, where skateboarders such as Neil Mims, Paul Hockett, Ryan Simonetti crushed the custom park built throughout the apartment.

“Most of this video is funny and fun, but the really crazy, expensive stuff at the end is more tragic and depressing than anything,” Steve adds. “I’m not proud of the stuff at the end at all, but it's a story that needs to be told…”

Check out Steve-O’s full video below.

The Most Expensive Things I Destroyed | Steve-O

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