If you want to watch the recent DC Comics movies on HBO Max, you better do it soon. Deadline reports that many of the DC movies on the service — including Justice LeagueBatman v SupermanWonder Woman, and Suicide Squad — will all be leaving on July 1.

Apparently, this is not a rights issue as much as a deliberate strategy of cycling content on and off the service. More, via Deadline:

HBO Max will rotate a collection of DC films on the platform which launched on May 27. As the aforementioned films will fly up and up and away from the streamer, fans will still have the chance to watch Aquaman, Shazam!, Joker, Green Lantern and Supergirl. There will also be a new batch DC film hitting HBO Max in July and another in August.

The movies leaving in July will be back, but no timeline was given for their return.

As to why you would want to limit the amount of content your fans have available on a month by month basis, cycling movies onto the service every few weeks does at least create the illusion that there are “new” things to watch month after month. If you can convince customers that new stuff is always being added, that may encourage people to keep their subscription indefinitely.

On the other hand, HBO Max already charges customers a steep $15 a month, which is almost double what some of their competitors charge. One way to justify a subscription like that would be if HBO Max actually had all the Warner Bros. DC movies, and allowed you to watch them all together. (WarnerMedia also operates a DC Universe streaming service, with its own content library.) There’s a whole DC Comics tab in HBO Max. It seems odd to intentionally keep it from being as exhaustive and complete as it could possibly be. Regardless, you have a few more weeks to rewatch Halle Berry’s Catwoman before it disappears for a while.

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