"...To get away from it all / Down in Kokomo 'Covfefe!'" Maybe Donald Trump was trying to convey his love for the Beach Boys's island retreat song "Kokomo" when he made his now-famous typo. Of course, we're assuming "covfefe" has only three syllables here, and that it wasn't simply an attempt to detract attention from today's (June 1) withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord.


Trump covfefe tweet

Regardless, Condé Nast Traveler has jumped on the bandwagon and added to the typo(/purposeful distraction)-trolling parade with an Instagram post today. In it, the magazine imagines "Covfefe" is a physical destination, a "secret isle" tropical paradise, a resort made to rival both Napa Valley and Mar-a-Lago.

Traveler even asks readers whether they've been a "#TravelerInCovfefe," and if not, why they'd want to visit.

Hey Travelers! Have you been a #TravelerInCovfefe? Tell us why you want to go in the comments! #covfefe

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The Insta pic has gathered more than 58,000 views, and it even suggests that perhaps Trump's made-up word is really just a state of mind.

Here's hoping "Live. Laugh. Covfefe." never becomes a literal motto.

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