90's kids, your day-glo dreams have come true: Clearly Canadian is making a comeback Remember Clearly Canadian? It was a deliciously refreshing beverage housed in an iconic tear-shaped glass bottle. Granted, Clearly Canadian was a soda--not exactly a health food--but you still felt like you were making a solid choice when you convinced your mom to buy a 6-pack of the sparkling soda at Bruno's.

Clearly Canadian is currently looking for soda fans to support its revival campaign. They've set up a website where you can pre-order Clearly Canadian in four of its O.G. flavors: Mountain Blackberry, Wild Cherry, Country Raspberry, Orchard Peach. Once the project is funded, they'll begin bottling and shipping orders.

This is dope. As a kid in the suburbs of Birmingham in the early 90's, few things brought joy to my burgeoning bougie heart like an ice cold bottle of Clearly Canadian. I was an Orchard Peach gal then, so I'm seriously looking forward to this Clearly Canadian comeback. I'd like to see other 90's treats on the shelves at the grocery store, so excuse me while I light a candle to Lisa Frank and pray that Hi-C Ecto Coolers can be a thing again.

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