Earlier today, I was out doing work while getting SOAKED in the monsoon-like downpour that we had at around 1:15pm. As I was driving down Skyland, I noticed The Sonic Drive-Thru sign that said, "50 Cent Corndogs All Day On Thursday May 4th".  I said, "I'm definitely gonna have to get over there, and put down a few of those!" 

I then drove about a half a block down the road, when I came to the sudden realization that TODAY IS MAY 4th! So, I made a Sharp U-Turn, and high-tailed it back to The Skyland Sonic Drive-Thru!

When I got there, even in our temporary monsoon, I noticed that the place was JUMPIN'! Apparently, I wasn't the ONLY one who was there to SCARF a few Corndogs down, there were plenty of other Food Connoissuers like myself, ready to partake in some Corndog Consumption!

I ordered myself a few, paid the employee at the Drive-Thru and went my merry way. And I must say, "Those 50 Cent Corndogs Were Quite Possibly The Best 50 Cent Corndogs I've Ever Tasted!"

In fact, I think I'll head over tonight for dinner. Besides, I only have $5.78 to last me through Payday.

Thank God that Payday is TOMORROW, and Thank God for Sonic 50 Cent Corndogs!:-)

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