If there’s one thing fans hate more than a karate master in the pit, it’s a crowd killer. Instead of throwing punches and kicks in the air, crowd killers go straight for the people. It’s dumber than a crunkcore breakdown… and we’ve put together 10 of the cringiest crowd killer moments to prove it.

Senselessly attacking people at shows was essentially reserved for GG Allin, but fans at least knew what they were in for. These moments came out of nowhere, and judging by the faces those in attendance, they didn’t come to a gig to get punched or kicked in the head.

Thankfully, these are the most cringeworthy crowd killers, not the most violent, so you’ll get a good laugh from this Loud List. You’ll see some of the lamest rabbit punches, clotheslines and spinny garbage in history. One crowd killer even gets his ass handed to him by a much smaller girl.

Some of these moments will remind you of WWE hardcore matches. One dude goes nuts with a metal trash can at a basement show, only to get some garbage thrown back in his face. Another kid goes ham with a mattress, putting his targets more in danger for bedbugs than physical harm.

Check out the 10 Most Cringeworthy Crowd Killers at Shows in the Loud List above.

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