For many people, the thought of going inside a haunted house will never be entertained. It doesn't matter how real or fake things seem, it's impossible to overcome that hurdle.

That's one reason we wanted to take a GoPro camera through the house to record the entire experience because this might be the closest thing someone will get to seeing the inside of the house. We also wanted to document the event to capture all of the hard work the actors and designers put into the creation.

The house was unique thanks to a story telling structure that took you into the mind of a young girl and her twisted Alice in Wonderland fantasy. From the mad hatter's welcome after you walk in the door to a rabbit chasing you out of the house with a chainsaw, there were plenty of surprises inside the house located in downtown Northport.

The video is pretty dark at times but you'll still get the idea of what it was like to walk through TownScare's creation in 2014. We hope to capture even more next year.