Tuscaloosa business mover and shaker, Stan Pate recently made an offer to the public for the prize of $10,000. The instructions were clear and easy, except, it wasn't THAT easy.

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Stan Pate offered $10,000 to the first person who could properly guess his nickname from some time ago. the only clue offered was that the initials for the nickname were "B.E."

After receiving well over 1500 entries for the $10,000 prize, we officially have a winner.

Congratulations to April Luna of Northport! April was the first to correctly guess Stan Pate's nickname which was "Blue Eyes."

April will receive $10,000 from Stan Pate. $9,000 will be donated to a charity of choice.  Stan and April will soon get together to determine the charity involved.

Although other people did guess blue eyes, April was the very first to guess the name correctly. April said that she took a wild guess at the name. How lucky was she?!

April already has a few charities she's passionate about that the money could go to. the final decision will be made after she meets with the money man himself, Stan Pate.

Congratulations April!

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