Brand Twitter battles don't happen too often, but when they do, we're quickly reminded why they're the stuff of internet gold. Even more rare, though, is brand rap battles, which, as far as we know, had never really happened—until now.

Recently, the folks responsible for running the Wingstop and Wendy's Twitter accounts launched into a fairly brief, but unfairly epic Twitter showdown, throwing bars at each other every which way in a series of hilarious tweets. Of course, the Twitter showdown started with the burger joint calling Wingstop out for a cheesy joke referencing Kendrick Lamar's "Humble."  Wingstop clapped back with a quote mocking Wendy's for their purported use of frozen beef for their burgers. That's when the battle started.

"Fresh, never frozen since 69/Trying to cop that mixtape, better get in line/Grabbed a couple wings now you're trying to fly/But nothing gets 'em dipping like a Frosty and fry
😘," the Wendy's Twitter account clapped back. From there, things got extra real. Check out the rest of the two brand's Twitter rap battle in our gallery below.

See Wingstop and Wendy's Twitter Accounts Rap Battle

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