We're ready to send you on a Never Ending Summer Getaway to Florida from the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show!

Sure, back to school time is staring us down. Soon, cooler weather will return with shorter days. Summer is basically over, right?? Hold up, don't pack away the bikini in moth balls, as you may be headed to a sweet resort in sunny Orlando, Florida! Reunion Resort: Salamander Golf & Spa Resort!

This place is first class amazing! Here, take a look for yourself with this photo gallery.

Pretty amazing, right? The winner gets to enjoy it for 3 nights! Plus, we'll fly a family of 4 down there and provide a rental car.

A special thanks to VISIT FLORIDA for making this getaway possible with the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show!

Listen to B101.7 each morning at 7:20 for you your chance to call in and win instantly! . More on the Never Ending Summer on the Kidd Nation website, -CLICK HERE-

Good luck and thanks for listening to B101.7!!

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