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If you enjoyed GoT - you got some serious issues deep down.

Whenever I told someone 'I never watched an episode of that show' they would be shocked and almost seemed offended that I haven't watched their dragon fantasy rape show. After finally hearing everyone b**** and moan about it, I gave in and watched it. Took me a whole freaking month, how can someone be so obsessed with this show?? The slow-moving plot, way too many characters and way too much fan fiction lore behind all of it.

Once, I told my friends that I watched it - they were so excited and wanted to know my opinion. Oh man, did I lose some friendships that day.

I gave them my god honest truthful opinion - 'the show consisted of fighting, don't get me wrong but I don't find sword fighting enjoyable, dragons are for nerds, the timeline spending a whole lifetime (way too many things to know about), lots of rape! and strange sex scenes (if you're only there for those scenes - then go see a doctor and a priest.) Last of all, it was boring haft the damn show is people walking from one place to another - they might as well call the show 'Walking Simulator'.'

Any nerd with this amount of time can put together a show with the same amount of action and turmoil in 2 months.

I have spoken.

Roll Tide.

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