I'm no music guru, I just work at a radio station.

I'm a traveled dude. Omaha, Maui, Cisco Bay, Chicago and now Tuscaloosa. I've been privileged to be in some of the greatest music scenes in the world. But there's one thing I truly don't understand, whenever I go to a bar here in town I see the same 7 bands performing in the same 7 bars.

Tuscaloosa is a diverse town with great food, bars and people. I just can't wrap my head around why none of these colleges kids or young people are grouping up to make a sound or style people never heard of here in town.

I do gotta say, there's one band here in town that is the closest thing to a major market band that's a weird and fun band.

Tuscaloosa has potential to have a killer music scene. In my eyes I see one formula for a town or city to have a good scene.

Venues/bars+Young People+Good Booze= MUSIC SCENE. 

(This formula has been patented so don't you dare try to steal it)

Maybe Tuscaloosa isn't ready, but we have the infrastructure to make it happen.. oh well... maybe next year.

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