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In the early 2000's comedy was in the Wild Wild West stages for TV Based sketches. No, I don't think SNL was laid the pavement for great TV shows like 'Mind Of Mencia', 'Blue Collar Comedy Tour' and so many other shows. They were their own thing, like how a hamburger is different from a torta. So many comics emerged when I was growing up, some were great and some were funny for about a year - but all made their mark forsure. Geeky comedy started which was cool for my brother and I, thanks Bo Burnham - you are a god.

With so many comedians coming out of the bushes on Comedy Central, only ONE has earned the title of best comedian of all-time. That person is Dave Chappelle, if you loved under a rock - he had a show on CC and made lasting impacts in comedy and having standards in the trade. He was offered to have a show on FOX, which isn't his style. He said screw it and moved to South Africa because he's a bad motherf*&^@*.

The man showed that he's bigger than the system, he stood against injustice in the industry and made it noticeable that he won't work a single minded company.In his words 'comedy and politics should never go hand in hand, its like mixing Viagra and coke.'

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