Football season is here and it's when we see the most people out on The Strip partying. Have you ever seen this sight on the strip?

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There is no doubt that The Strip in Tuscaloosa has seen its days of epic partying. I've personally been on The Strip and seen some epic moments. I had the chance to see this epic moment but decided to not go outside that night. Do you remember this epic moment?


I can't think of a moment more outrageous than that night on The Strip but I've seen some great moments. I came across a video on Twitter and the background reminded me of The Tuscaloosa Strip.


What bar on The Strip would you be most likely to see this? The background kind of looked like Gallettes to me but I'm almost sure it wasn't in Alabama.

The funniest thing about this is the reactions to her A-1 dancing skills.


Other users noticed how the second flip flop never came off her foot.

The best part is the lack of reaction from the people around her in the video. They never acknowledged her dancing or stopped her. all they did was continue moving to their destination. It says to me that they're so used to her acting this way and I love it!


Someone else agrees with me. She does this more often than not.


I'm wondering, what bar do you think she'd be walking out of dancing like this in Tuscaloosa? Wherever it is, I'm ready to be there to feel those vibes.

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