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I woke up, jumped in the shower then walked down stairs. I remember walking into the kitchen with the TV on, my mom was tuned in and seeing what was transpiring in NY. I had no idea what was going on but I knew that I had I a trip planned that day to Arizona with the family. So I was excited to get let out of school early and be in the desert for a weekend. With mom dropping me off, I went into a silent 1st grade classroom.

All of us had no idea what was going on, we just thought nothing of it. Mrs. English was distraught. Some time later, the other 1st grade teacher, Ms.Laughler, walked in and whispered something in her ear. To this day I remember the exact moment what her response was. In a shock she said 'My God'. I'm pretty sure that was the moment Ms.Laughler told her either the 2nd tower was struck or the pentagon was hit. Not even 10 minutes later, Mrs. English gathered our 30 person class and guided us to a church that was a 5 minute walk away, all she said for us was "To pray'. We had no idea what was going on beside a few buildings were destroyed. My 1st grade mind thought, no big deal. A few buildings ain't that bad, it must happen everyday. After spending hours in that church we all went back to class.

At that point, I was still excited to hop on a plane to Phoenix. Around 1PM my mom picked me up and informed me that weren't able to go to Arizona. I can imagine, I had to be bummed. I got home and all the TVs were on in the house and mom was on the phone. I sat down to see what was happening and felt this feeling of remorse. I walked outside with mom and I swear to you, Airforce 1 was flying over -- passing our house. And her words were 'that's probably Bush heading to Offitt AFB' and she was dead right.

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