Happy National Fried Chicken Day!    I love fried chicken in any form, including chicken tenders, a chicken biscuit or sandwich, on a salad, southern fried with gravy or chicken and waffles.  Even though some of us now try to avoid too much fried chicken for health and weight gain issues, there's no denying most of us love it.

So I asked around the office to get some opinions where to find the best fried chicken in Tuscaloosa and was a little surprised...and also a little disappointed.  I thought I would find some new place I haven't tried yet, but instead here's what I got.

KFC.  The #1 place for fried chicken from the staff in the office, believe it or not.  Got to admit I love the original too, although most of the time we get the krispy.
Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen on McFarland Blvd.  One person loved it, another not so much.  I might add Bojangles and Zaxbys here too.
Guthrie's of Tuscaloosa on 15th St.
Publix.  Ok I questioned this one, but more than one person told me they have the best fried chicken and that's where they always go.  I looked online and it looks it's true.  Apparently they have a special seasoning blend that makes it especially tasty.  Gotta try this one.
City Cafe in downtown Northport.  What would you expect from a classic meat and three.
Logan's Roadhouse on Skyland Blvd.  My daughter loves the chicken tenders and she's got a point, I even get them half the time myself.

I also got a couple votes for the chicken and waffles at Metro Diner, and check out the fried chicken with the pepper jelly and goat cheese at Holler & Dash Biscuit House too.

No doubt there are plenty more great places to get fried chicken in Tuscaloosa and West Alabama.  Where do you go?  And "my grandmother's (or mom)" doesn't count here, unless they are willing to have us all over Sunday after church.

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