Can just one traffic light cause you to be late for work? If you ask residents of Northport, the answer is a resounding YES.

What's going on?

The traffic light at the intersection of Highway 69 North and Union Chapel Road is causing big delays for drivers. Traffic was backed up for almost a mile the other morning, making several folks late for work and for school.

Check out the delay Townsquare Media Tuscaloosa Traffic Reporter "Captain" Ray Allen caught on Wednesday morning.

Are y'all seeing that? The Google Maps traffic overlay shows that a lot of drivers were indeed trapped by the light at Union Chapel Road.

Is the timing for this traffic light off? Several residents seem to think so.


Have you noticed delays at this light?

Traffic delays were reported every morning this week, so it's obviously not a fluke. I'm certain that the population growth in Northport has exacerbated the issue, but it's not like everyone moved in overnight.

Could the timing of the light be off--and if so, how did it get that way? How does ALDOT even determine the timing of traffic lights? Check out the video below to learn more about the way engineers time out lights.

I doubt that ALDOT suddenly alerted the timing for a light at such a busy intersection, but it does make me wonder--maybe I need to get Captain Ray on the case.

Have you noticed delays at this light? Hit me up with the app chat and let me know!

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