The building that once housed the Quik Mart has been sitting vacant for almost ten years and many Tuscaloosans are wondering why this once busy business has been allowed to turn into an eyesore.

What happened to Quik Mart and why hasn't the convenience store been renovated or razed so that something new could be built in its place?

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The answer is pretty complicated.

The Quik Mart property itself is owned by Charles Wyatt. Following the April 27th tornado, Wyatt had plans to rent the building to a title loan company; however, these plans were thwarted by restrictions placed as part of the City of Tuscaloosa's recovery plan.

Things were made even more difficult when the Alabama Department of Transportation began its plan to add additional lanes to McFarland Boulevard and give McFarland's intersection with 15th Street a much-needed upgrade. When ALDOT acquired a portion of the Quik Mart property, its size was reduced and thus became too small for a new commercial development based on the city's zoning plans.

The Tuscaloosa News reports the property owner has also had issues with the billboard company that maintains the signs at the site.

Although the property looks completely rundown, it is still being maintained according to city codes--and since the property is secured, the City of Tuscaloosa is unable to condemn it.

What would you like to see happen to the Quik Mart property? Do you think the building is an eyesore or a constant reminder of the April 27th tornado? Message us using our app chat and share your thoughts with us now.

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