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Growing up, I was a snickers guy. But now being 25 years old with acute depression - my opinion has definitely changed. I'll give you the low down on what the best candy around is in fact to be.

Being older I've learned that some of the times, bitter is better. But overly sour is a sin. I love sour gummies don't get me wrong, but for some reason, I feel like a 7 year old when I eat them and I'm afraid that they will make my teeth go rotten quicker than leaving a pumpkin out past November 3rd.

When it comes to a actual candy bar - Snickers, Charleston Chew and 100 Grand are the only ways to go. Growing up Snicker and Charleston Chew were the gold doubloon of the candy world, getting a full size bar of those two were a message sent from the gods. But getting older I've found out the most superior race of candy has to be the 100 Grand bar includes chocolate, caramel and crisped rice. The bar contains 201 calories; it is low in cholesterol and sodium, but high in saturated fat and sugar. Its slogan is "That's Rich!". They are exactly right, It is rich in flavor sweetness, bitterness and has little crackle rice already inside. So take it from me the 100 Grand candy bar is THE BEST CANDY TO BE EVER MADE.


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