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As of June 30th, 2020 the CDC released a map showing the infected and activity of the West Nile Virus. In recent news, 18 Miami residents have been tested positive for the virus yesterday. Which scares me a bit, because we are only one state away and most southern travelers that do go to Florida are from the great state of Alabama.

Map of the United States showing West Nile Virus Activity by State in 2020. See Data table below.

Credit of : CDC.Gov


West Nile Virus is a mosquito transmitted virus that effects the nervous system. Symptoms are fever, mild headaches and rashes. But some cases can be much dire including life endangering inflammation to the brain or spinal chord.

Ways to protect yourself are easy! By wearing clothing that covers limbs, mosquito repellent, having mosquito nets around the patio or even burning a tiki torch to deter the insects. I don't believe this will blow up in our faces but it's nice to know and take precautions.

Roll Tide.

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