It's time to party like it's 1989 for Back to the Future Day and our '80s party at Tuscaloosa Rivermarket on Wednesday, October 21st. Wear your costume, I'm going as the Energizer bunny! That's right kids, he's back!

I'm excited to say, stuff keeps getting added to this event, as people hear and want to be a part of the fun! Just added, the Ghostbusters are coming. Word is, Doc from the movie is coming too! T-Town Bud Girls will have a beer garden. Plus, selfie alert- 2 Delorean cars, like the one seen in the movie.

You can't have a rad party without tunes, and we've got the DJ ready to pump up the hits from the '80s!

Oh, there is more fun and games planned too. Like a dance contest. That's right, moon walk, breakdance, or whatever your smooth move is. Just be ready to display those skills, my friend.

I've been looking around for costume ideas, and found it at... work. The BUNNY! Yes, the creepy creature which delighted the little ones as the "Easter" bunny at our Kidabaloo last winter. Now, this multi-purpose bunny is being transformed into the Energizer bunny.

You may say, but Greg, the Energizer Bunny is pink and your costume is white. Okay, you're right. Maybe, my bunny is the rejected Energizer bunny. He can be all mad at the world for his rejection, as he looks to ruin the fun at the party. That's it!

Well, maybe not tossing drinks and being a pain. I need to work on this. I can't paint the bunny pink. How, about it's original 1989 Energizer Bunny, who is just old and the hare's hair has turned white. There you go, that should do it. Don't you think?

I hope to see you at the party!

Back to the Future Day/Back to the '80s Party - October 21, 2015

  • Tuscaloosa Rivermarket
  • 6 p.m. - 9p.m.

The debut of the bunny at the radio station!

The bunny hops into the Kidabaloo!