Unless The Walking Dead is scouting McFarland Mall for next season's shooting location, it's time we decided to do something about this eyesore. 

I drive down Skyland Boulevard daily, and I am tired of looking at the desolate wasteland that is McFarland Mall. The mall itself is literally falling apart. The former Gayfers has been torn down, so the mall's rotting carcass is just sitting there exposed. It looks as though it should be condemned, as if the decay is contagious...

And I guess it is. The mall's parking lot (which is filled with potholes) is flanked by empty buildings. There's an empty Chili's, an abandoned Cheddar's, and the old Books-A-Million that's just rotting away.

What I want to know is WHY.

Why are we letting this property stay like this? I know it's owned by one person, but good Lord. I want people to come to my city and see it as beautiful and modern. I love showing friends and family places like the Riverwalk and the Gateway or taking them out to eat downtown--but I can't bear to have them in the car when we're headed down Skyland. It's embarrassing.

If we aren't renovating the Mall back to its former glory, then we have GOT to do something, anything. What do you think?

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