I stopped by Pyro's Fresh Fire Pizza in Tuscaloosa for lunch yesterday, and I may or may not have dreamed about pizza last night. It was that good. 

Pyro's Fresh Fire Pizza is located in The Shoppes at Legacy Park; they're close to Mountain High Outfitters and The Fresh Market. I was super psyched about being one of the first people in town to try this new restaurant. I was also excited because--pizza.

When I walked through the door, the first thing I noticed was an enthusiastic welcome from the Pyro's staff. I walked around and checked the place out--I really like how they've decorated their space. Most of the walls are lined with wood paneling, and the entire restaurant has a really cool Southern vibe to it.

I checked out the menu next and began the almost impossible task of trying to decide what to order--everything looked delish. I chose a BBQ pizza and a side salad, and it was amazing. I want to come back again and again until I've tried everything on their menu.

I really dig the fact that all their ingredients are fresh and freshly prepared. They make their dough in-house every day. You can order a specialty pizza like I did or create your own--there are tons of ingredients to choose from, including vegan and gluten-free options. After the staff creates your pizza, it's cooked in their oven and comes out crunchy and melty--everything pizza should be.

Pyro's Fresh Fire Pizza also has a Hydration Station in their restaurant. You'll soon be able to order craft beer and wine to go with your lunch or dinner. I got to try one of their incredible blended coffee drinks to finish my meal. It was perfectly prepared and sooooo good.

I'm really happy to have Pyro's Fresh Fire Pizza in Tuscaloosa. I think it would be an awesome place to chill after work or class with friends, a fun date night, or a cool place to take the kids out for dinner. Check out the pics I took at Pyro's yesterday!