In these times of darkness, a small light of hope might shine through.. AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHY I'M HERE TO TELL YOU, WAHO ON THE STRIP IS READY TO SERVE!!

I got this valuable information from a employee who was literally walking in for the first shift to be had in 3 months and I gotta say, the servers and cooks at that location are the best people on the planet. The amount of times they have bought me a beer at the bar across the street has gone uncounted for months. So thank you cool server guy who knows my drink preferences. You cool.

Most of my memories either go foggy at Waffle House or are vibrant with hilarious stories of mischief and really bad songs being played on the jukebox inside (the fastest way to piss on any student or person eating at the establishment, is to play any GWAR song they have on the box. Nothing is more disturbing than listening to GWAR while stuffing your fat little face with waffles and eggs.)

If you don't know GWAR here is what I'm talking about.

Anyways... It's so great to see a local business open up and ready to serve our studious students of UA. The memories they will make in that establishment will live ion in their memories and stories forever. If God granted me one wish during the COVID CRISIS, It would be for that place to be open and serve. In times of darkness, light will shine through.


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